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“Funds are allocated to charitable organisations that have strong corporate governance and a track record for delivering high impact and effective programmes. These programmes are also aligned with their following priorities: a) The Early Years (0 – 6 years old): improving care and support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds b) The Growing Years (7 – 16 years old): improving low-income students’ access to high quality, transformative opportunities that expand their opportunity set, while supporting their social and emotional development c) The Blossoming Years (17 – 25 years old): improving tertiary education access, affordability and completion for low-income students d) The Community: raising awareness of vulnerable communities and seed-funding initiatives to experiment and demonstrate the viability of new approaches to meet diverse needs”
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“- It should be noted that the foundation seldom fund unsolicited proposals or general appeals for funding support – Additionally, fund requests belonging to the following categories will not be considered a) Programmes that are not aligned with the foundation’s charitable objects or philanthropic objectives b) Direct donations or grants to specific individuals c) Building or capital projects d) Programmes or campaigns with an underlying religious or political purpose”
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