Tan Chin Tuan Foundation

“The fund supports NPOs that does work for the following causes: aged, children and youth, disabled, with key causes being education and community development. Specifically, the foundation: a) Supports projects that have a cascading effect or multiplier benefit so that each dollar goes a longer way to helping more people b) Assists beneficiaries that have not received the support of other funds or government bodies c) Helps organisations which help themselves, especially those which are well-managed and efficiently-run”
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“The foundation does not support the following: a) Book publications b) Conferences, seminars and symposiums c) Fundraising events d) Individual requests for scholarships or bursaries e) Infrastructure f) Operational costs g) Overseas trips h) Political organisations i) Postgraduate studies j) Religious organisations which focus on promoting their religion or are biased towards a particular religion k) Social service projects beyond ASEAN”
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