About GuidePoint


Charity GuidePoint is a giving tool for donors to efficiently shortlist charities, specifically Institutions of Pubic Characters (IPCs), based on their passion and values while also functioning as an analytical tool for charities.

The Value Proposition

Charity GuidePoint quantitatively analyses the entire universe of IPCs in Singapore. It also features benchmarks on a variety of metrics that provides insights and analysis by causes and sizes. Users can generate analytical reports or shortlists of charities based on their selected metrics.

Charity GuidePoint aims to drive philanthropy and charity transparency in Singapore through empowering donors and charities with access to quality data analysis. A set of over 20 metrics are calculated for more than 600 charities using publicly available data.

3 Metrics Category

Income Composition

Total Donations, Programme Fees, Investment Income, Government Grant and Other Income

Expenditure Composition

Programme Expenses, Fundraising Expenditure and Other Expenditure


Cash Ratio, Unrestricted Fund Ratio, Restricted Fund Ratio, Endowment Fund Ratio, Total Reserve Fund Ratio and Employee Cost Ratio

6 Levels of Metrics

Individual Charities


Sector (Causes)


Sector & Charity Size

Peer to

Charity GuidePoint empowers donors by providing insights to philanthropic best practices and trends in the sector. With Charity Guidepoint, we support donors to DRIVE their giving to the next level by:

Direct philanthropy based on evidence

Reach out to charities that are previously out of donor's radar

Identify potential grantees efficiently

Value charities in a consistent and systematic manner

Empower donors with insights to philanthropic best practices and trends

Research Methodology